We Move Forward

The core values and objectives of a company should not chang during though economic times. Actually it's during these times that comapnies start to show their real strenghts or weaknesses. Comapnies with srong vision and grip on the market, will take the momentum and pull ahead for the rest of the competition. We set the same vision to become a pioneer company in the field of Professional Services and Integration, same as the vision Dubai it set to become the business hub in the region.

The current economic downturn not only strenghten out resolve, but also provide us with the opportunity to provide cost effective solutions and services with focus on Green Technologies to save on costs and deliver a better value. We made it our top priority to invest in Green technologies to eleminate the energy waste and put limit on consumption of harmful ingrediants in the IT products.

We look forward to work with all our customers, partners and value added resellers in providing best of the breed Green Technologies to the masses.



ITU World 2009

Only held for few years, ITU TELECOM WORLD is an unrivaled event for the global tele communication and information communication technology (ICT) sector. Forward-looking, WORLD 2009 attracts all stakeholders from across the sector and around the world for a truly global, world-class event and networking platform. To address shared global challenges in today’s information society, WORLD 2009 incorporates thematic elements to highlight the reach and role of telecommunications and ICT in areas of societal change such as the digital divide, climate change, and disaster relief. TGO wil have a delegate in this event to assess the market situation and extend it's business relationship with involved parties.


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